Improvisation #3 in C, August 9, 2017


Hey all,

Last night I tried out a new camera angle that actually shows my face (hi!) and also experimented with Twitch streaming settings to get higher quality video as well as audio streamed directly from the Pianoteq app, which I use for most of my piano sounds these days. This is a big step for me because now I can pipe sound from any app on my computer directly into a livestream. And that means—live multi-track performances! But that’s for later. I’m still working on some latency issues (had to sync the audio and video up after the fact for this one) and I’d like to get the video quality even higher if possible (but not sure it’s possible to do both, we’ll see). But this is a big upgrade from my first streaming attempt!

As for this performance, it’s a soul/latin jazz fusion improvisation, morphing towards the end into a slow, meditative solo focusing on reharmonization of a recurring melodic theme.


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