Small Alone Tune

April 24, 2024
Jake Smolowe
Jake Smolowe Music
Number of discs: 1

This piece is about staying up late, alone in the quiet of the night, chaotic thoughts and anxious feelings swirling around my mind trying to drag me down, and turning to music to lift myself back up again.

Recorded in Logic Pro using Pianoteq 7 S. Erard (1992) piano, Spitfire LABS Soft Piano, Nord Stage 3 B3, Spitfire LABS Frozen Strings, Izotope Iris 2, and a generous helping of Waves Brauer Motion.

Released June 18, 2021
Written, performed, mixed and mastered by Jake Smolowe
Video edited by Jake Smolowe using Final Cut Pro X
Artwork by Jake Smolowe

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