App-in-progress: ChordVoice!


So this is something a bit different that I’ve been working on the past few months—an iOS harmony/piano/synthesizer app! It’s definitely early on in development, but I have it at the point where I feel like I can actually create good music with it, so I thought I’d share a look at it with you!
My goal for ChordVoice is to create a keyboard app that’s both fun to play and fun visually, that will make it easy to play and compose with complicated chords on the keyboard, while actually helping you learn the shapes and structures of those chords at the same time! I won’t go into all the features I have planned, but the idea is that the app will present a set of chords and/or chord voicings based on what key you’re in, or potentially based on a central note/set of notes. You could rearrange the chords as you see fit and create harmony presets for different tunes. And ideally, you’d be able to record and play back your creations! I hope you like this brief look at my app-in-progress!

ChordVoice currently uses AudioKit by Aurelius Prochazka for sound, Mapbox Fingertips for the demo video touch callouts, SwifterSwift to speed things up, and imageWithColor by noxytrux for button background images.

In other news, I got a new toy:

This is the first powerhouse keyboard controller I’ve had in forever that I could use while sitting at my desk! It is really fun and does a great job controlling patches in Logic X, so it should really enhance my composition/recording workflow. I’m very excited to share what I create with it!

– Jake

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