Jake is a very talented musician with a cool, often understated style.

I’ve known Jake since our Stanford days, taking lessons from him even before he started teaching professionally. Pretty happy with how far I’ve grown as a musician, though I always wish I had more time to practice!

Jake has an informal teaching style, and he’s good at tailoring his lessons to my goals.

Highly recommended if you’ve been thinking about learning jazz or want to improve your chops.

– Wei H. (Yelp review)

Jake taught my son when he decided to return to piano so that he could play in the Middle School Jazz Band. Jake did a great job in getting him back up to speed after many years of not playing. He managed to work in the basics while applying it to the school pieces, which required jazz rather than classical technique. Jake taught my son enough chord theory to keep up and stay in the music program. My son gradually transitioned from keyboards to mallets/vibes, and finally made the leap to drums, where he will be staying for High School. Jake was supportive all the way and gracious when my son left the piano behind. Not only that, but he came to our school and played for a community event. What a guy!

Amy B. (Yelp review)